Guidance Notes for Hirers

For information, and to ensure the safety and comfort of all users, we would request that you adhere to the following guidelines when using the Hall and kitchen:

General Bookings

The Hall is let by the Hour, except for Weddings and half/all-day events (see Charges for pricing). A booking must allow sufficient time to set up and clear away after the event.

Opening Up

The Hall will be opened approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled hire time. No keys are supplied. Users must secure windows, doors, check toilets and switch off lights before departure, securing the main door. If there is a subsequent booking, the hirer will be notified to leave the door open.

As You Leave

Hirers are responsible for leaving the Hall in a clean and tidy state after their session/event. Please take care not to damage the floor of the main Hall, for example by dragging things along. We request that all tables and surfaces are wiped down, floors swept, and chairs returned to their correct places. All rubbish generated is to be taken away, as there is no refuse collection.


The Hall cannot be let after: Midnight on weekdays, 11.45 on Saturdays and 10.30 on Sundays.


Background electrical heating is provided by wall heaters which are automatically operated via timers. Extra heating may be purchased for £1 per 30 minutes, fed into the slot meters in the small room to the right of the stage.


Dishwasher instructions can be found by the sockets on the wall above the counter. Please note that the dishwasher must be switched on 40 minutes before use. At the end of use, the trays must be taken out rinsed off, with the machine emptied and set to “rinse”.

Hire of crockery and tables

Crockery and tables may be hired on a daily basis. Please contact the Bookings Secretary for details.


There are 150 hard plastic chairs available. 89 of these are located in the small room to the left of the stage (with the remainder in the roof). There are also 20 upholstered chairs located in the main hall and meeting room.

Emergency Exit

In case of emergencies, evacuate the building via the main entrance and the emergency entrances located on either side of the main hall.

Accident Book and first aid kit

These are available in the kitchen.  All accidents should be documented in the Accident Book.

Public Liability Insurance

The Village Hall has a Public Liability Insurance which covers users. This is exhibited on the Notice Board in the Hall and all clients should check that they are sufficiently covered by this. Clients running classes “For Profit” should be covered by their own PL Insurance.
Please note, our Insurance specifically excludes cover for bouncy castles, naked flames or fireworks.

Local Residents

Please be considerate of local residents regarding noise and traffic, particularly during evening events.


Dogs are only allowed at the discretion of the Committee. Please discuss this with the Bookings Secretary.


These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of Hire

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